Katherine Paseman


I help people understand industries, ecosystems, and communities so they can build high-impact products.

I'm a Product Strategist with 5 years of experience helping early stage organizations develop human-centered product processes. I've helped bring companies from 0 to 1, founded my own company during a pandemic, and conducted ethnographic research funded by the World Economic Forum.


Contact me for more information about each project. Case studies coming soon.


Getting design research right requires a delicate balance of three factors: an insatiable curiosity, an outcomes-focused mindset, and a solid understanding and appreciation of operations. Katherine has all three.

Kyle Becker, UX Strategist & Researcher

I was continually impressed by Katherine's ability to execute on high stakes customer calls, while then immediately being able to synthesize that information into how it should influence product.

Maxx Reiner, Director of Sales

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