I've never had my eyes examined in my life. I was partnered with Annie Zhang, a girl who needed to update her contact prescription---this gave me the unique opportunity to document the journey of a customer at Harvard Square's trendiest eye exam provider: Eye Q Optical.

This was my first time studying human factors without the intention of designing a product. I loved being able to use observation to facilitate empathy. It gave me a new perspective on observation and a desire to learn more about how to understand others.


Annie scheduled the appointment on her own and we went together. I documented each of her actions and notes about the environment.

When we debriefed, we reviewed my notes event by event and reviewed her emotional responses to each of the recalled events. We used post-it notes to arrange the whole customer journey on a whiteboard.


The graphical customer journey above describes the entire eye exam process process from scheduling online to the meeting with the doctor. Annie's overall mood is shown underneath each milestone. Her positive thoughts are shown in blue and her negative thoughts are shown in yellow.

On net, Eye Q optical demonstrates how one company balances approachability and technical proficiency. Ultimately, Eye Q is able to keep a trendy and casual storefront by hiring highly qualified professionals who are equipped with all the best technlogy. This combination of approachability and technical expertise uniquely appeals to younger clientelle.


Collaborators: Annie Zhang
Special Thanks to Lee Moreau