25 million people in the United States experience difficulty swallowing each year, a condition that's known as dysphagia. Prophagia+ (previously known as Spuree) is an investigation of a portable, discreet way to help individuals with dysphagia pre-chew their food to reduce the risk of choking.

Prophaia+ was my first experience prototyping a product with technical requirements. I learned how to test technical specifications and how to empathize with users. I was also solely responsible for all graphics associated with each presentation. This taught me the importance of clear visual communication when discussing ideas with peers. So many good ideas are lost in translation when they aren't paired with persuasive and descriptive supporting content.

Here is a video describing our initial idea.
Here is a presentation of our sketch model and our accompanying slides.
Here is a presentation of our mockup and our accompanying slides.

We ultimately abandoned Prophagia+ because we learned through user testing that our user demographic, typically people above the age of 50, is extremely unlikely to adopt new technologies. We also learned that blending and pureeing is more often used to address tooth loss than dysphagia. While these two conditions exhibit similar symptoms (difficulty eating), they are often addressed in different ways.


Collaborators: Michelle Menkiti